Droper is a Symbian Dropbox client that allows Dropbox users to access and modify their synced files and folders. It can also be used as a light-weight Dropbox client for desktop platforms like Windows and Linux.



droper_v0.5.0_symbian_touch.zip Symbian installer file for touch phones.
droper_v0.5.0_symbian_non-touch.zip Symbian installer file for non-touch phones.
droper_v0.5.0_source.zip Source code (for developers).
md5-sums-droper.txt MD5 checksums (for error-checking of downloaded files).

Installation Notes

Droper is compatible with most Nokia Symbian smartphones running S60v3, S60v5 or Symbian^3 (in other words, most Nokia Symbian smartphones manufactured after 2006). For more info about your device, check out Nokia Developer.

Note: S60v3 devices are those equipped with a non-touch screen, whereas S60v5 and Symbian^3 devices are those equipped with a touch screen.

Qt 4.7.3 should be installed before Droper can be used. On S60v5 and Symbian^3 devices, Qt 4.7.3 gets automatically downloaded and installed when installing Droper but on S60v3 devices you have to install Qt 4.7.3 manually. You can get Qt 4.7.3 here.


readme-droper.txt Help file.
copying-droper.txt License.

Other Sites

[facebook.com] Facebook page.
[freecode.com] Freecode page.
[github.com] Git source code repository.

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    1. Lawand Post author

      About this SSL problem that some users have been experiencing with Droper, I am aware of it and it has been happening for a while now. It’s caused by a change in the Dropbox servers. They updated their security after the Heartbleed bug was found and so unfortunately Droper will not work anymore. I am trying to find a solution for this problem but I’m not sure I’ll find anything because Symbian is not supported anymore. This really sucks.


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