Arduino Navigator

The aim of this project was to implement a navigation device using an Arduino board. The implementation includes detecting the position of the board, as well as tilt angles and 3-axis velocities and the detecting of the earth’s magnetic north. Along side the Arduino board, a MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system) chip was utilized, and which was supplying the micro-controller with raw sensor data, which were sent to a PC client application that analyzes the data and applies some filtering to it, then sends it back to the device to display it on an LCD screen.


My Role in The Project

I worked on this application with some other students while studying at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. I was the project leader and mainly worked on the management of the project, but also implemented the USB communication between the board and the PC client. The board was programmed using Arduino’s Embedded-C environment, and the PC client was implemented using Java J2SE.